Absa Cape Epic: Karl Platt claims “unbelievable” fifth title


Today was spectacular in so many ways: the huge crowd, the great racing, the vibe out on the course, that huge ramp near the finish, the spectacular Grand Finale ‘race village’ and the spectacular reception from the biggest crowd I have seen at the race. Thanks to everybody who played a role: they range from the pros at the front of the field to the riders at the back, my amazing staff and the crew to the fans and the farmers who let us cross their land and many more.


Congratulations to Karl Platt on his fifth win and Urs Huber for helping him get there. And Ariane Kleinhans and Annika Langvad were spectacular again this week: well done to them too. On a broader note, it was great seeing new riders at the front of the field in both Men’s and Women’s categories and I look forward to the next generation of Absa Cape Epic winners emerging from their ranks.
In spite of my involvement in this race for the past 12 years I hadn’t really grasped how emotional it is to ride towards the finish line on the final day. Along with my fellow riders, we had finished a journey that started on those same Meerendal lawns eight days earlier and which saw all of us suffering at some stage.
Well done to you all.
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