GripGrab launch Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers.

By popular demand, and after countless hours of testing, GripGrab is proud to launch the new Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers. Based on the popular Flandrien Road Shoe Covers, this off-road cousin brings style and waterproof functionality to off-road riding.

Following the launch and popularity of the Flandrien – which combines the retro style of the ‘Belgian bootie’ with modern waterproof technology – riders were quick to ask when a more robust off-road version would be released that could put up with the demands of gravel riding.

Now, with the launch of the GripGrab Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers, that time has come. Hours of design work and in-the-field testing, through several generations of prototypes, have led to the version that is now available for purchase.

For now, the GripGrab Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers are available exclusively on but they will made available through selected retail partners in the near future.

Read on for more insights and do get in touch to receive a pair for review…

Research and development

The design, functionality and features of the Explorer Shoe Covers were meticulously developed in cooperation with elite gravel riders – providing feedback from numerous test rides in varying conditions. As a Scandinavian brand, GripGrab embraces the conditions – meaning that wind, rain and cold shouldn’t be a barrier to riding. Forget off-seasons, cyclists can ride all year – by choosing the right gear for the right conditions. The Explorer shoe covers feature enhanced weather protection, so your gravel ride will be a great experience, even in demanding conditions.

Designed for cold and wet weather

The mission with the Explorer was to create a pair of versatile shoe covers specifically designed for gravel riding in cold and wet conditions. The result uses cutting-edge waterproof membrane technology to create shoe covers that look great and perform.

Three-layer waterproof construction

A three-layer composition consists of an insulating inside knitted layer, a fully waterproof membrane and a robust outer knitted layer. The choice of materials combines fully waterproof functionality with a modern take on a retro design.

Form fitting and zipperless design

The high-stretch fabric provides a form-fitting profile, while the zipperless cuff reduces irritation and extends product life compared to standard zip designs. Shoe covers that look and feel great.

Toe cap reinforcement

The TPU toe caps on the Explorer protect the front of the shoe covers from wear and impacts. The toe caps are key to the enhanced durability of the gravel specific design. Made from injection moulded TPU, they protect areas of the shoe covers that are repeatedly exposed to abrasion during your rides and when getting on and off the bike.

Shoe underside reinforcement

The strategically placed TPU underside wear patches further enhance durability. These patches are positioned between the forefoot and heel treads – an area that receives notable impacts from rough surfaces when walking off-road, and an area that can come into contact with the pedal if the pedal is missed when trying to clip in. The protective TPU patch helps avoid damage to the soft knitted fabric.

All you need to know: Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers – GripGrab

About GripGrab

GripGrab is an award winning, family run business. Founded by brothers Kristian, Martin and Bjørn Krøyer in 2000. GripGrab is today run by CEO Martin Krøyer and CPO Kristian Krøyer, based near Copenhagen in Denmark.

Over those 20+ years, GripGrab has gone from striving to improve mountain bike gloves to designing and producing all the cycling essentials riders need to take on the conditions all year round.

GripGrab’s core philosophy is simple: to create products that protect against any conditions. These products give riders the confidence to go further, push their limits and explore more.

GripGrab’s mission is to create the products that enable all cyclists to explore and live out their individual cycling potential. That means gloves for all conditions of autumn and winter, headwear, warmers and base layers – all manufactured with the aim of enabling people to get out on their bikes more.



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