Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2019.

The thaw has set in.

This year we had to wait for a very long time. Finally the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road (2509 m) was freed from the masses of snow. The clearance teams and their snow blowers meticulously removed up to 10 meters of snow, a total of 300,000 cubic meters alone on the North Tirolean side. Now there are no more excuses for a scenic ride over Tirol’s highest mountain pass, it is an absolute must when it comes to the training plan for this year’s Ötztaler Cycle Marathon. The sooner, the more spectacular. Several meter high snow walls still adorn the last turns up to the pass height. It took a long time but the wait is over now. The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road is open again to all former and future Ötztaler Cycle Marathon Finishers who can add the final touches to their training at the original venue within the next weeks. The awe-inspiring Ötztal Alps are still and will remain one of the most popular cycling backdrops for extraordinary heroic deeds far beyond the borders. A very special heroic act must have taken place some 60 to 100 years ago. A 15 kg bicycle was found by two mountaineers last summer beyond 3000 meters altitude. Far away from roads and beaten tracks. Another sensational finding besides Ötzi, the glacier mummy. It’s still a mystery how it got there. Did it belong to smugglers, soldiers, farmers, shepherds or even tourists? Did anyone already imagine what will happen in Ötztal in the field of road cycling marathons? Of course, there are guesses and wild speculations. The myth of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon will surely be enriched by one facet. Science and imagination will do their part. Exactly for this reason, there is a writing competition for children between 8 and 12 years. We are interested in the history of this bicycle. Who brought it up there and why? Was it maybe a racing cyclist? We want to know more about it. Motivate your kids to join in. Simply send your own personal story to schreibwelten@bergwelten.com until 30 June 2019. You can even win great prizes. And also enjoy a little glory. The winning stories will be solemnly presented in Ötztal’s Local Heritage Museum.

More detailed information:



Marathon Track

Start in Sölden. Rather downhill towards Oetz (800 m). Then uphill to Kühtai (2020 m). Downhill stretch to Kematen and further on towards Innsbruck (600 m). Take a deep breath before you cycle up to Brenner Pass (1377 m). Downhill to Sterzing (960 m). Keep to the right, cycling uphill constantly to Jaufen Pass (2090 m). Take care on the downhill section to St. Leonhard in Passeier (700 m), followed by the big final climb to Timmelsjoch Pass (2509). The undisputed dream destination: Sölden (1377 m).

Mountain Passages

Warmup / Oetz – Kühtai: 18.5 km; 1200 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 51; Conserving energy / Innsbruck – Brenner Pass: 39 km; 777 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 127; Cautious approach / Sterzing – Jaufen Pass: 15.5 km; 1130 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 161; Mountain of fate / St. Leonhard – Timmelsjoch: 28.7 km; 1759 altitude meters; Refreshment stations at KM 201 and 209.


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